Pitbull guitars got some good reviews while searching for a kit guitar. This GS-2Q kit was basically a body and neck. In the end it was an expensive kit because of the taxes that were added while it went through customs.

I’m recording through a relatively cheap Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface. The amps are from Positvie Grid (Bias FX)

It had a smal flaw on the headstock wich I glued. Straightening the neck was difficult, but I got it eventually so I could level the frets. Halfway through the recrowning process I got sick of it for a while so it lay dormant for a few months.

The first few weeks of 2019 I got back to building and finishing stuff. I finished the recrowning, added color and numerous coats of Tru-Oil, spent a lot of time sanding, gathered the parts I had lying around and ordered the parts I missed. Iron Gear pickups (HotSlag and the Rolling Mill I dug up from my parts box), some pots, switches, a Schaller bridge and a tailpiece.

All the soldering worked flawlessly. That’s a first. After a few days I leveled the frets again (dead notes on the second and third fret), recrowned again, polished, oiled the ebony fretboard again and turned the 3-way switch 90 degrees so it was easier to change while playing. I will (as usual) make a lot of small adjustments the coming weeks, but it’s an amazingly well playing guitar. Total cost was about €400,–. In the end, I think that’s too much, but that’s mostly because of customs.