Squier vintage modified

In the past I’ve had some Stratocasters. A Squier in the early nineties, an Ibanez Roadstar and a American Standard. I sold them all because of the, for me, useless bridgepickup. But after a few years I wanted a strat again, so I bought a Squier Vintage modified.

By now it’s a modified vintage modified. First the white pickguard was replaced by a black one. Then I replaced the bridgepickup with a DiMarzio Virtual Solo. That still wasn’t what I wantend.

I sold all the pickups, and put an Iron Gear Dirty Torque humbucker in it. After a while I added an Aron Gear Pig Iron overwound singlecoil in the neck position. Both configs needed another pick guard of course.

This pickguard is quiete ugly. But I have a black one for a HS setup, so that may be the next and hopefully last change. The decals are gone by now. Nice playing guitar.

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