LTD M-330R

Back in 2013 (or something) I needed another guitar with a Floyd for drop-c tuning. Again I ordered it at the Thomann website. Although I had a bit of a bad feeling about it, I decided to keep it.

Originally it had two active pickups. I replaced them with a DiMarzio Evo2 (bridge) and some sort of PAF like gfs pickup (neck). Not long after this mod I found out the Floyd Rose Special bridge had one faulty saddle and some problems with keeping the strings locked in the saddles.

I ordered another FR special through eBay. No bad saddles but again the strings kept popping out. Sick of it all I decided to use them as paperweights and I ordered a Gotoh full floating tremolo system. It fitted without real problems, I only had to remove some wood at the back. This one functions as it should

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