Plywood strat

This was a real crappy guitar laying around at word. Originally it was unplayable so I promoted it to a project en got clients sanding, painting and finally soldering an old Ibanez pickup in it. Still not very good but at least it sounded and looked better. The very high action and impossibility to stay in tune still made it a ‘bit’ unuseful. Time to take care of it.

This time I took it home and started working on it. Again sanding. It’s a plywood body but I don’t really believe in the superior quality of solid wood since I saw plastic or cardboard guitars that sounded awesome. Because it was cheap I experimented with the finishing.

I installed an Iron Gear Hot Slag in the HS pickguard I got on eBay and a cheap chinese singlecoil sized humbucker in the neck position. A vintage strat tremolo copy was dropped in and after that I took care of the neck.

The neck I ordered out of curiosity on AliExpress didn’t fit and was ugly orange. The first real WTF moment. So I cleaned up the old neck. Leveled the frets and recrowned them. Dropped in some cheap chinese locking tuners and after polishing the frets it felt real nice.

After all this work it playes better than my Squier vintage modified, mainly because of the fretwork.

To make it a bit more flexible it got a HSS pickguard. Pictures and soundclip will follow. It’s for sale at the moment.

HSS pickguard

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