Les Paul (kit build)

After the SG I started this Les Paul model. Again a Harley Benton kit from Thomann. After unboxing I was wondering what to do regarding the finishing. I decided on a bit more modern look which involved removing de binding around the body.

Joined for the first time
After using a top router to remove the binding

I filled one tone knob hole and the original hole for the three way toggle. This one got painted and after grounding and the first coat of green I decided on a ‘water droplet’ effect. I sprayed water on it until I was satisfied with the amount and size of the drops. Then from a small angle and some distance I sprayed blue. Repeat with a little less dark gray and off white.


When everithing was dry I took the Iron Gear humbucker from plywood strat and put it in this one. I also ordered a Tonerider classic PAF (alnico II) humbucker for the neck position.

Again two volume and no tone. The volume pots are push-pull so both pickups can function as singlecoil or humbucker.

I like the different sounds I can get from this guitar. Again, the frets were a bit rough but after few days of playing it regularly, the are getting better. I should have polished them but I was too eager to play it.

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