I had an Schecter Omen Extreme some years ago. I sold it after a year because I needed money for some other stuff. A few years later in 2016 I saw this one online cheap. Used but like new and an EMG81/85 set. I took it home, did a string change and setup and played it a bit.

All my other guitars have passive pickups and because I had a DiMarzio Evolution bridge pickup and some no name neck pickup, I put those in, grounded the bridge and sold the EMG’s, pots and switch.

Still, having one guitar with actives isn’t a bad idea. It’s just a bit different, less susceptible for noise and fairly neutral. So I got another EMG 81/85 set (this time with the connectors so no soldering) and that’s in there now.

Although it’s one of the cheaper Schecters, it’s a solid guitar. Very playable and it looks great.