I ordered this online. When I got it, it needed some adjustment and one of the strings worked itself out of the string blok in the trem saddle. So I did a ful setup.

After the setup it was a great playing guitar (one of the best), but I didn’t like the active pickups. I removed the active (LTD) pickups and active wiring and put a DiMarzio EVO2 in the bridge position and a GFS PAF near the neck. Originally I thought I would replace the GFS. It’s a cheap pickup and although I bought it because I liked other GFS pickups in an Epiphone Les Paul a few years earlier, I felt this guitar needed something better. It turned out that it didn’t. Not because the guitar isn’t worth it, but the GFS turned out to be a great, slightly hotter, classic sounding neck pickup.

A little bit more annoying was that strings had the tendency to pop out of the saddle. Not only when using the trem (a Floyd Rose special) but also when doing bends on the bass strings. I discovered that one of the saddles was messed up, so because I hadn’t warranty anymore, I decided to buy a new FR Special on eBay.

Big surprise, this one had the same problem 🙁 Although on this one the saddles were okay. So instead of a great new whammy, I head two fairly expensive paperweights. Still… I believed in this guitar, so after some google and soul searching, I decided on a Gotoh full floating trem. A lot cheaper than a real OFR (wich would be a drop in replacement) but made in Germany. I had to make some room on the back of the trem (the bolts are slightly longer) but it fitted and delivered without problems ever since.

At least… After more setups the tremolo system touched the body sometimes. So I took it apart, did some routing, replaced the GFS pickup with a Warman zebra humbucker (again a hotter PAF) and added some stripes. No impressive improvements, but just a bit better than before 🙂